Iceland has many faces, rugged fjords, scenic coastlines, highlands, 
sizzling geysers, bubbling hot springs, gigantic waterfalls & glaciers.

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Explore Iceland's Campsites

Explore Iceland's Campsites

When camping in Iceland, it's essential to find the perfect spot to enjoy the country's stunning landscapes. Here are three websites that offer comprehensive databases of campsites across Iceland:

Parka.is: This website provides detailed information about campsites all around Iceland. From coastal sites to inland retreats, Parka.is helps you find the ideal camping spot for your adventure, and with Parka.is, you can make reservations in advance using their app.

Tjalda.is: Tjalda.is offers an extensive directory of campsites throughout Iceland. Whether you prefer campsites by lakes, rivers, or mountains, you'll find options to suit your preferences and needs.

CampingCard.is: The CampingCard.is website features a Camping Card that grants access to numerous campsites across Iceland. With over 40 participating campsites, the Camping Card offers convenience and savings for campers exploring the country. You can purchase your card when you book your camper with us or on the spot when you pick up your camper.

Discover the beauty of Iceland's outdoors by exploring these websites and finding the perfect campsites for your next adventure!

Our campers

Our campers

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Explore Iceland in any season with our curated road suggestions, prioritizing road conditions and safety. Whether you're chasing the Northern Lights or basking in the midnight sun, our expert recommendations ensure a smooth and secure journey. Discover the beauty of Iceland with confidence – trust our road guidance to enhance your experience.
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